Assam Rhino take great privilege in introducing ourselves as an emerging agriculture producer & exporter. From the lushing green fields of Assam, we bring you the choicest and fleshly harvested agricultural products to the Indian Market & across the Globe.

Assam Rhino ia a multi-commodity producer and exporter. Most importantly, it is known for premium quality and value for money products. Started with a mission to produce quality products and services, it is  ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our team at Assam Rhino is ever ready to process orders taking care of all concerns of our customers. We have a strategic network of assets, infrastructure, and a well built supply chain to take orders of any quantity. Therefore, we have an ever expanding portfolio of commodities and products and seek to serve clients needs, thus providing flexible options for the entire range.

We have taken first steps in this field by introducing products from eight different categories.

Assam Rhino Tea:

Delivering freshly picked and delicately processed tea with love.

Assam Rhino Grains And Cereals:

Producing the best quality whole grains in the fields of Assam cultivated by traditional methods.


Enhance your taste buds with the electrifying chillies of Assam.

Assam Rhino Spices:

Best quality and handpicked spices from the land of Assam.


The fertile land of Assam is heaven of fresh vegetables and we are determined to always deliver the best quality available.

Medicinal Plants:

Assam is a land of biodiversity and has a variety of medicinal plants for health benefits. We have robust supply chain of medicinal herbs and plants to boost your health.


We strive to deliver  the best quality and most nutritious food commodities fresh from the farm lands, right to your shelves.

Handcraft And Handloom:

The rich cultural heritage and vibrant ethnic communities of Assam has vivid traditional handcraft and handloom attires promoting our beautiful culture. We have the supply chain of these products to deliver your orders as requested.